Top Fishing Tips



  • Practice tying knots before you go fishing. Late at night when there’s nothing on TV or when you are bored.
  • Buy a hook sharpener and don’t be afraid to use it. Maybe buy 2, keep one stashed away in a vest pocket.
  • Buy a rod case or make 1 out of PVC pipe, and transport your rod in it every time you head out.
  • Fish are motivated by barometric pressure. When its high, they become very, aggressive and will grab anything on the surface.
  • If fishing in a low pressure, try to fish when the pressure is on the way up or if it is holding and steady.
  • In thunderstorms, you feel air getting cooler. Cool air increase surface tension on water surfaces & hatching insects can’t hatch.
  • Degrease The Leader…Flat calm conditions, bright sun & hardly a ripple on the water is a curse for many summer anglers.
  • When fishing subsurface flies, degrease leader. The grease left on mono when it was manufactured helps to keep line floating.
  • All summer long, a surface caddis is hard to beat for rising fish. Cast out and let the fish find the fly.
  • Fish will pick up scent from insect repellent, sun block, aftershave, perfume. Wash your hands with non perfumed anti-bacteria soap.
  • If you tie a fly to the tippet watch for small kinks in the line just before it enters knot, its good sign that you have weaken the mono.
  • Keep a log of the daily barometric pressure, it won’t take you long to see the best time to fish.
  • If you need to fish near or on the surface, go with small flies. For trout, this might mean sizes 18 and smaller.
  • Fill the gas tank the night before you head out. Wash your hands, and then rub your hands in moss before you start fishing.
  • To check if a hook is sharp, lightly run it across your thumbnail. If it scratches the nail or sticks. It is sharp.
  • You can make degrease mud by filling an empty 35 mm film canister with dirt and mix in some dish soap to make a homemade paste.
  • A dull hook is a great tool for releasing a fish, just before you manage to get it to a net or grab it for a photo.
  • Check & replace your tippet after each big fish. A big fish will stretch it every time.
  • At the end of the day in saltwater, rinse all your fishing gear with freshwater.
  • When In Doubt, SET THE HOOK! – If you feel anything unnatural in your drift, it’s a good idea to set the hook.
  • If you’re not moving enough to find fish, your success at catching fish can be tough.
  • When the fishing season ends, clean your boat & change all the lubricants so it can be stored.
  • A good casting basket can be made from a square low plastic tub, then you can clean your line at the end of the day.
  • Study your home water. It’s very important that you know the water conditions of the river you fish regularly.
  • Having leaders pre-tied, changing leaders are quick when a leader gets snapped off or needs to be replaced.



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