Top Hunting tips

General hunting:

  • While Deer Hunting, try dragging a cover scent behind you while you search the area.

  • Try to put your stand in a tree with plenty of background cover, keep the winds for that time of the year to your face.

  • It has been proven that a deer has an attention span of about 3 minutes. Stay still.

  • Many times a hunter can stop a moving deer by using a short sharp whistle.

  • A spray bottle filled with Hydrogen Peroxide is a good tool to have when tracking a wounded animal.

  • Baking soda or talcum powder in a used Dristan nasal bottle makes a good powder for checking wind direction.

  • Open and store food in a zip-lock bag before leaving camp, it seals in odor and is quiet compared to the original rapper.

  • Keep a supply of rubber gloves handy. Whether it is for gutting an animal or just filling up the truck with gas.

  • Wash your clothes in baking soda to eliminate odors, just add it to your machine without laundry soup.

  • Your aim is different from ground level compared to a tree stand. Practice shooting from an elevated position, preferably sitting down.

  • Sit in the stand as long as you can, so you do not spook game, not just in the morning and evening.

  • Tie an old neutral colored wash cloth to your stand, that way the game get used to the movement.

  • Cut pop can in 1/2, make 3 holes near bottom, use scent free candle. Put bottom part of can on top half, add scent and let burn.

  • Always have plenty of batteries for your electronic devices (gps, frs radios, cameras, etc…)

Most important of all:

  • If you are going to hunt out of a tree, make sure you are always tied to the tree going up or down with a safety harness.



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