Burgers Done To Perfection

Summer and grilling go hand in hand to most families and friends. To me there is nothing better and faster on a hot day, than burgers and beer.


Over the years I tastedĀ  lots fast food burgers, none compare to a well prepared burger made from your own hands. You know the care you take into using the right ingredient. If you buy the frozen burger patties from a grocery store, you will have to cook it through so no red juice comes out. That is because the ground meat is from trimmed meat of different parts of the beef. If you like your burgers medium, you need to buy a chuck steak or roast and grind it yourself, then you can eat it to medium done.

I don’t mind store-bought frozen patties, but IĀ  buy Angus beef 1/3 to 1/2 pound burger patties. If the local wholesale store carries them, I will also buy bison burger patties, but they are a leaner patty so I wrap in bacon (because everything taste better with bacon).


To get the perfect restaurant style grill marks, I start with a medium hot grill 350-375 degrees. I clean the grate with a bbq brush, then use a paper towel soaked in vegetable oil and wipe where the burgers are going.
Grill Temp

Medium Grill Temp


Lay the patties on the grill and take note of the time. I rotate it at 45 degree after 4 minutes. After another 4 minutes I flip the burger, and continue cooking another 4 minutes. The last rotation and wait 4 minutes and your ready to rest.

perfect grill marks

Burger with perfect grill marks

I like mine simple with a little mustard and a raw onion ring on bottom and bbq sauce and spinach leaves on top. (Above picture has cheese on bottom to show grill marks.)




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